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This is Christmas

This was the weather on Christmas Eve. No snow, but dark and dramatic skies, chilly temps, rain.
These were the treats I made: Chess Pie Tarts. At some point (I think as a teenager?) they became a treat I equated with Christmas and hence something I want to taste at Christmastime. I am the only one who likes them in this house. I'm proud of myself for only eating four between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
This is a glimpse at some of the twelve year old's haul.  Hey Molly, make sure you get right in there, and make yourself NICE and comfortable.  
This is a shot with my ten-year-old and both of us are wearing Christmas finery.  It was fun to see her getting into the giving spirit on Christmas. It's her specialty. This is another thing baked on Christmas eve: Christmas cookies.  My husband made them, the girls did the decorating.  These are this year's Christmas PJs.  They say PUMP UP THE JAMMIES. 
This is when I mention Christmas books, wrapped and given with our P…

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