Monday, June 21, 2010


We went to Eugene for Father's Day weekend and had a great visit with our friends the Rimbeys. They saved their butterflies and we got to help release them. Thanks, guys!

We spent one day out on their boat, then took a great bike ride the next day. I miss bike riding in Eugene. Heck, I miss Eugene in general. It's the kind of place that leaves me inspired.

Another highlight of the trip were two late night pilgrimages to Eugene's VooDoo Donuts. My favorite is their Grape Ape-I have since found myself craving them, even after having them two nights in a row. We also went to Off the Waffle finally and I've experienced a Liege Waffle. All I can say is that was one heck of a yummy waffle, the best I've ever eaten.

My Mom Made Me Cut These Lovely Locks

We three girls all had haircuts last week to start the summer off with a bang. (That would have been an even better pun except only one of us has actual bangs). Anyhoo, Julia's was the most drastic as she lost a good 6-7 inches. Her hair was long and really beautiful, but, it was so much work for her to keep it tangle free and thoughher scalp is nowhere near as sensitive to brushing as it once was, I was tiring of the struggle. I feel like she's at an age now that she can be responsible for brushing and washing it herself so having it shorter sets her up for success. She fought me hard the morning of, but I stayed strong and she's been known to say she loves it. I think it looks so cute AND she'll be able to brush it and wash it herself with ease. It was a flashback to her haircut at three. Many inches were lost and much cuteness results.

Avery is growing her hair longer so she just had it trimmed up a bit. Her hair is fairly easy because it is very straight and doesn't tangle like her sisters. Her hair is also a really great color, like it's highlighted but it's not. Me, after letting it get long and mangy, I'm back to my shorter do and loving it.

Bring it on, summer, we've got new dos!

Welcome, Summer

....but you certainly aren't the summer I know and love. You've changed. It's like you're going through puberty and you've gotten surly and dark. I still believe in you though, in your warm nights, in your flavorful blackberries. When you emerge shyly out of hiding, and transform our world and our minds, oh how sweet that will be.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As a kid, I laughed at the WRONG time. Brother just got clotheslined during a game of Red Rover? Makes me laugh to this day. Other brother fell off the back of my mom's bike STILL ATTACHED TO THE BIKE SEAT? Laughed until I could laugh no longer. Let's just say that I tend to find humor in the WRONG situations.

Today we were working on thank you cards for Julia's birthday gifts. Julia was composing the most AMAZING messages to each friend as I typed them out for her, the plan being for her to copy them into her cards later.

Now this kid is an amazing writer. She has such voice and is very conversational. Her school journals recently came home and I was chuckling over how brilliantly she'd chosen to say everything.

A few times I got such a kick out of her phrasing and the WAY she was composing it aloud, that I had to surpress laughter. Then came the moment when one of her letters became a bit wayward and wandered away from a thank you and arrived at the doorstop of a quaint recapping of birthdays gone by. Something struck me as particularly funny about his and folks, I lost it.

I laughed.

I wasn't laughing AT her, or out of a mean spirit but she totally felt mocked. There was no way that I could explain WHY that moment was funny to me but it just was.

Her response was very Julia. Her eyes welled up and that directly extinguished the mirth. Then she attacked me. It was very primal, she was mad! Angry fingers that had been peaceful for so long found my cheeks and squeezed roughly. My laugh and her tears suddenly made ME want to cry.

So I did the wrong thing by laughing, but I also did a bang up clean up job.

Later I sat her down with all earnestness and exlained that I was truly wowed by her letters. I pointed out her best one, we worked on staying on track on another and she came back to finish her letters. I made sure to let her know, genuinely, that she amazed me and I was wrong to laugh. I also asked her to apologize for being rough with her hands. She sat and copied two of them down and did an amazing job. Seriously, they are amazing. Her writing is priceless.

Still. I will always regret that laugh.

Four Things to Delight the Senses

Vintage Mikasa dishes-oh the patterns!

Trader Joe's Coffee Latte and Cream Bars

Ask Alice on the Bonnie Hunt show

These swedish fabrics

Monday, June 14, 2010

Done and Done and Not Done

Re-hung the family photos on a new wall

Met our 93 year old neighbor June, FINALLY!

Worked on bike riding with Aves

Took my mom, who stayed with us for the weekend to have Pho

Enjoying Farmer Boy-we are plowing through the Little House series again and have skipped Farmer Boy in the past but this read has been pretty enjoyable-with many a memorable moment such as the mean bullies who beat up teachers, Almonzo's pig's teeth getting stuck together with candy, them saving the frozen corn harvest. It's an interesting comparison to Laura' family, worth reading, I say.

Figure out a good system for towel management (draping, drying, etc) with all the pool visiting we'll be doing pendent l'ete

Figure out why my keyboard is leaving letters out as I type quickly....grrrrr

Adopt someone in their 80's or 90's (June is a definite candidate)

See "Babies" It looks so good.

Catch an episode of DYAO. Looks like a kick! Literally!

Seven is So Different Than Six!

I remember turning seven at Chico's Pizza in Moses Lake surrounded by pals. I think a lime slushy got spilled on me at some point. And now I have a seven-year-old: Julia!

We celebrated twice, once on the actual day with an apple pie, a new bike, and then again the next day at an after school art party at My Masterpeice with zucchini cupcakes, friends and grandma.

Seven brings with it many wonderful things. There is increased sensitivity about other's feelings. There is increased openness to new things. Self confidence, independence, and responsibility are all more deepy ingrained than before. Seven brings sass, but for Julia, so did one, two, three, four, five and six.

Oh how I love you, my seven-year old!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's June 8th already?

As I step out of the fog created by being cooped up with one sick kid or the other for weeks, I can't believe how quickly time flies. I mean we all say that, and it really does, but wow. Zippo, goodbye May. Mere days until summer is officially here. I've gotta get through this transition and get ready!

First Julia was sick with hurling and fever. Avery caught that. Then Avery caught something else that was more fever, lethargy, etc. and Julia caught that. I tell you, it has been a long and unhealthy time that just lingered forever with its feverish exhaustion. So many things get wiped off the calendar during sicknesses and it was especially hard to cancel and reschedule and resign myself to, "We can't gos" for two weeks. Good riddance to the sick bugs, I say! I am SO glad the kids are back to good health.

Moving along......I wanted to show you pictures of my new birdhouse. It's too late now to put it out, but I can't WAIT to put it out next year. I've been eyeing them at the Farmer's market forever. It's designed for songbirds out of alder. The other cool thing is you can clean them out each year for the next bird. I love that. Avery and I went to get it last weekend and also picked up some prime vegetables and strawberries and of course her favorite, a big bag of caramel corn. I am usually really bad about using the vegetables I buy but I had stuff earmarked for different recipes and so far no waste.

Next on our list of BIG is Julia's birthday this week, and her big birthday party the day after. Should be a lot of fun. I can't believe I'm going to have a seven-year-old and a five-year-old! CRAZY! I'll report back with the scoop on her birthday festivities. We are also getting haircuts for summer (Julia and I) and have some fun adventures planned in June like that trip to Eugene we never got to make and a much anticipated getaway for my husband and I. And that's just June! Fun awaits in July and August, too.

I'll be back!