Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Things are about to get reaaallllly crazy around here. Hold on to your hats.

The big news is that we have finally bought a house! After nearly a year of being consumed with looking (sometimes wondering where to go and sometimes wanting to stay right where we are) we are ending up mere blocks from where we currently are. The kids get to stay at their wonderful elementary school and we are getting a great house which we are very excited to make our mark on as we settle in over the summer.

Amidst the packing and moving prep, there will be a visit from the Michigan relatives, a softball tournament, Julia's eighth birthday, school ending, a ballet rehearsal and recital, and the usual daily grind of everything else. Big, good, but BUSY!

And, after we move into our house, we will have one week and then my husband's sabatical will begin, which signifies a very exciting summer for us on the move.

Stay tuned, I will definitely have things to report on and hopefully enough time to report on them when things die down a bit.

Monday, May 09, 2011

You're Really It!



as a myriad of things and

playing a game

of tag

Has kissed you and said,

"You're it -

I mean, you're really IT!"


It does not matter

What you believe or feel

For something wonderful,

Major-league Wonderful

Is someday going



~ Hafiz

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Go Pink Ponies

The girls are playing softball this year, their first foray into team sports.

I am so proud of them because it's really out of their comfort level and has introduced a host of new skills.

They had their first game last weekend and lost 12-8 to the green tree frogs. It was a great effort!

With a name like Pink Ponies how can you not have a ball?

Mildred Pierce

The opening scene in the first episode of Mildred Pierce, a new mini-series on HBO, features a woman's hands pouring pie filling into a homemade pie crust and frosting a cake. The kitchens walls were creamy yellow, punctuated by the Depression-era fabrics of her dress, apron and curtains. I was hooked from that minute forward.

Based on a 1940's book and movie, HBO's mini-series delivers five episodes (each roughly one hour) involving single mother Mildred Pierce and her quest to make a life for her daughters, much to the embarassment of her ungrateful, class-obsessed eldest daughter. Mildred's choices make for a long and heavy drama peppered with tragedies and triumph. Put it in your Neflix queue for a future rainy day and travel back in time to see how single women brought home the bacon in Depression-era California.