Monday, August 29, 2011

You've Probably Seen This, It Came Out in 2003

I REALLY like movies that have REAL dialogue, quirky events, and characters who engage me. I think that's why All the Real Girls was so good to me. It was a love story done right. Nothing cheesy, nothing cliche. There was a scene where the main character had to help his mom out with her clown routine at the children's hospital. Go here and watch the scene several times like I did. It might make you want to see the whole movie.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

In Between the Going, More Going and Yet Less

Being home is yet another charm of sorts to add to this bracelet of a summer. The kids have enjoyed the break from crowds and lines. I've enjoyed staying up late, sleeping in, a return to my exercise routine and day adventures with the whole family. Despite our attempts at purposeful down time, when we were ready for action this week, things cropped up.

There was a parade through our front hallway (inspired by Disney parades, methinks) with kid made floats.

The kids ate free at Ikea. We wandered and got ideas and I admired the green of this couch.
I think we need this light, too, somewhere!
We took my husband to Slappycakes (Zucchini pancakes=yum) where he enjoyed some amazing Heuvos Rancheros. That's the thing about Slappycakes-it lures you in with the kid friendly pancake making at the table and then hits you with a yummy adult breakfast menu as well.

We played at the Wunderland nickel arcade at Avalon Theatre on Belmont. ( A great compliment to our Slappycakes visit as it's just up the road). Avery and I were in Skeeball heaven.

We had rootbeer floats. Rootbeer floats are SO! GOOD! I forget how good.
Sun tea anyone?

This summer we've marched through Edgar Eager's Half Magic, Magic by the Lake and this week started readingMagic or Not

There's been some hammock time....
Zucchini and bikinis were simultaneously in our kitchen as we baked yummy yummy zucchini bread

I finished up a sewing project I'd started the last time we were home-the making of some very special birthday banners.

It's been a blessed thing to be home this week during summer's long and open days. Here's to being home.

And here's to going: we leave in three days for our next destination, something I'll share with you in a few weeks when we get home. While I'm gone, two favorite bloggers have written posts about their summers and about summer in general, its' fleeting magic, its' way of capturing so many powerful memories and embodying quality time together. I am inspired to relay their summery sentiments before I go:

Katherine Newman

Amanda Soule

Phoney Log Cake courtesy of Nate the Great

I'm kind of bad about saying, "yes" to projects the kids ask me to do but when we read Nate the Great and the Phony Clue and the girls asked if we could make the recipe for Phony Log Cake which we found at the end of the book, I said an emphatic, "yes!" It was so good I thought I'd share it here for you to say yes to, also. Have fun!

How to Make a Phony Log Cake
looks like a log, tastes like a cake, it's a cake in disguise

Get together:
1/2 pint whipping cream
mixing bowl
electric mixer
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla
20 round vanilla wafer cookies (Trader Joe's vanilla wafers are especially tasty in this recipe)
a spreading knife
a large plate
a fork
1/8 cup Nestles Quik
a sifter

Step one:
Make your whipped cream (you know how, so I won't belabor this point).

Step Two:
Using the knife, cover one side of a cookie with whipped cream
Stack another cookie on top. Cover the second cookie with whipped cream. Add another cookie. Keep stacking cookies and whipped cream until you have a tower of about twenty cookies. (I gave each kid ten and they had their own mini logs). At some point the tower will become wobbly. Set it down on its side on the plate. Now it's a log. Cover your log in a layer of whipped cream so that you can't see any of the cookies.

Step Three:
Complete the disguise. Run the fork over the whipped cream. This will make the whipped cream look more like tree bark. Sift the cocoa over the log. It's okay if some goes on the plate.

Step Four:
Let it sit and "season" while you eat your dinner.

Step Five:
Enjoy! You will be very surprised how yummy this is.