I learned it by watching you!

What does it say about me that when I eat french fries I really only like to eat the ones with squared ends? The kind that swerve into a tip, they're such a disappointment. I think they're drier too. The ones that are long, thin, mock rectangles, those are the ones I reach for. They can be short and rectangular too. But no thanks, I'll pass on the ones that aren't squared off on each end. A symmetrical preference, we'll call it. Yeah.

Speaking of my square preference, when I make waffles for the Jooge (the Nutrigrain round kind) I usually toast them lightly, spread them with butter and syrup and after cutting them into bites, take her mini fork, spear a few of the middle square peices all drenched in butter and syrup and eat them. Giving myself first shot at the best middle square peices is a guilty pleasure I enjoy because I can. I made her waffles dangit and I deserve to enjoy a bite of my favorite waffle anatomy. Notice how the square peices are the ones I go for though. The curved edge peices are floating around the edges of the plate like wallflowers at a dance.

The Jooge flipped out this twice this morning: once when I didn't put her milk in her "morning cup," and then when I reached for the diaper with Elmo playing soccer on the front, because she likes the diapers where Elmo is pictured on the front brushing his teeth. Each of those moments made me realize it's official. I have learned it by watching her.


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