The Worst Mom EVER!

Things which make me in the running for WORST MOM

Jooge wears her rubber slip on boots most of the time, SANS socks, because it's easier and because she can put them on. (Thank God for the ladybug boots Kyle and Mindy!)

Today Jooge had only french fries for lunch.

The baby has one bloody nostril because while trying to use the bulb aspirator to suck snot, I somehow injured her. I can not tell you how guilty I feel about this.

The afforementioned snot is still flowing from Avery's nose, and has been for too long. Someone told my husband that the kids will be sick from now until they are five so maybe her sickness is "normal." It just feels like there's something I should be doing to cure her condition.

Today I had the baby in a shopping cart at Ross and I looked down and she was sucking on the little bar near the handle. AAAAAAA! A better mom would have prevented this somehow.

Julia has had a spanking. (Okay, not for months and months, but STILL! I never thought I would!)

I have never, on a regular basis, given my children their prescribed dosages of flouride.

Julia watches TV when I have to get something done.

In conclusion, there's really nothing like Motherhood to remind you of your shortcomings. For me, it's a powerful lesson in being imperfect, something I rebel against all the time. I think of it this way: for every mistake I make, I am modeling that moms aren't perfect. What a relief not to be perfect! My children are still happy, well-adjusted, listened to and loved. And me, I'm okay too!


julio said…
one day your kids will look back at all you did for them and be so grateful they got you for a mom. i wouldnt worry too much about small accedents along the way, its just the way it happens.
mommamissy said…
thank god i'm not the only one not fluorinating my kid's teeth with any consistency...and even more importantly, thank god i'm not the only mom modeling absolute imperfection.
mox said…
very funny. thanks for that.

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