Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sassy? Always!

All parents have seen SASSY brand toys. You know, they make the toys babies can chew and rattle, shake and grasp. A lot of them are adorned with polka dots and cool vibrant colors. Well, I have some sad news for the Sassy company. They had better watch out because there's some compitition in the running, and it's the kind of competition moms will love for a multitude of reasons, namely because everyone has them somewhere in their bathroom cupboards.

What is this new plaything that babies will adore, you ask? Drum roll please.... fresh from the package, nestled in its' own bright green wrapper, TA DA, it's an Always Maxi pad!

Today Avery found one and LOVED it. It crackled like the best crackly fabric books. It was soft and bitable, like the finest chew toys. Her blooming teeth weren't able to shred the tightly wrapped packaging, or puncture the pad and thus let loose whatever moisture holding miracle exists within the pad, which put MY mind at ease. (Again, if your baby has merely emerging teeth I feel this plaything is hazard free, especially if you are supervising!) It occupied my daughter for a good twenty minutes.

I think I might freeze one and see if she likes that too. GENIUS!


Meagan said...

This is BEYOND rich!!! How did the freezie-pad go over?

Love the blog, Cornelia!

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