What the Day Wants Me to Write

Here we are at the end of 2005 and the World Spins Madly On. (This is both a sentiment and a song that I am listening to while writing this!)

Avery has learned to crawl. She also sits and turns the pages of her Pat the Bunny book. She eats chopped up turkey and cubes of cheese and moves her torso to the beat of songs. Right now she is wearing a yellow t-shirt (gift from Molly-THANKS Mol!) that reads COME PARTY IN MY CRIB. When you smile at Avery, you get the gift of an automatic grin.

We visited Champoeg State Park today and crossed the trails enjoying the fresh air. We saw Blue Herons and Sequoia. We marvelled at the height of the flood waters in 1861, shown with a placard on the side of a rustic building. We had some laughs when my husband, a.k.a. Debbie Downer (a new SNL character that always delivers a negative spin on something good, followed by a BWA BWA BWA sound) started wondering what would happen if the hypothetical levee broke, sending the muddy waters of the Willamette to engulf our precious family. Standing on the banks of the wide and powerful water puts some things into perspective. I impressed him with toyota kicks off the side of the stroller and Champoeg Park dance moves those brown pastures will not soon forget.

On the way home Julia sang me some of the lyrics to "Rainbow Connection" which I didn't realize she knew. (Then again, how could she not when it's on the line-up of songs she listens to each night before sleeping?!) She sang afew lines and then said, "Help me with the rest." Her little voice singing those words makes me glad to be alive. Following a hearty and creative lunch for her, (grilled tortillas cut with cookie cutters, hello good time!) her "quiet time" has turned into an unexpected nap. The library is open until 8 tonight so I think we'll take a field trip, she and I, to get some new stories while my husband delights himself with play after play of the Ducks at the holiday bowl. Oh yeah and he's going to have to keep an eye on The Crawler.

I am clean, just showered. I ate a power lunch and only one square of Baklava. Last night I went out with my oldest friend Donna. We ate rich pasta suppers and laughed and cried to The Family Stone, analyzing it on the walk to the car. Afterwards I called my mom, who I am so lucky to have. The movie made me think of her, appreciate her, and want to reach out more. My mom is my constant friendly mirror, my Welcome Wagon filled with pillows.

There is a new book to be started (The Full Cleveland by Terry Reed) and other things to look forward to, like time hiking in the forest as a family of four, or using my Anthropologie gift card from my bro (THANKS GILLY BOP) and a date night Sunday with my husband.

There's a whole heck of a lot of things that I am blessed to be and be surrounded by and nothing but new new new coming my way. New goals to be made. New thoughts, new challenges, new amibitions. New friends and new smiles to land on my face. And as far as the year ahead, all the green shoots of promise have me excited. Julia will become potty trained and go to preschool. Avery will take her first steps and say her first word. I will aspire to have her inner calm, and Juila's infectious giggle. I too will grow as a mom, getting better all the time. Nothing but a whole heck of a lot of promise. For now, there is this day to be mindful of and appreciate.

Happy New Year!


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Robin said…
Tia, this is so sweet. Why, it brought a 'lil tear to mine own eye!
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