Mom Nightmares

Last night I had a dream that I was with my parents and we were going on a trip. We stopped at a strip mall to get some stuff. My dad walked into the grocery store with Avery on his shoulders. He wasn't holding on to her and she was just sitting there, and I was both angry that she was so far up without support but also envious of his cavalier attitude and the payoff: a chill babe perched precariously, but unaware. I freaked out because she's still only 9 months and I didn't think it was safe. Then, later, we lost her in the store. Suddenly she wasn't with us. I was freaking out again, wondering how we could have misplaced a BABY! Turns out one of the grocery clerks pointed us out to several abandoned carts near the produce section and it was like a common problem at this grocery store because there were several carts with abandoned babies in them just sitting waiting for their families to claim them. In the dream I was so bothered by the fact that she had been left behind or misplaced. More guilt and anger ensued. How bizarre.


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