Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So these are my late night thoughts

So you know how you lay awake at night and think you hear a noise and you work yourself into a tizzie thinking that for sure someone has broken into your home and is waiting outside in the dark hallway to murder you any moment? These paralyzing moments are way more frightening when you have kids because you think: WHAT IF THEY GET THEM OR HURT THEM? WHAT WOULD I DO IF ANYTHING EVER HAPPENED TO THEM? I calmed myself with the assurance that the duplo blocks spilled in the hallway would make noise when the burglar stepped on them, so at least my snoring husband MIGHT wake up in time to hoist his maglight above his head threateningly. One good reason to leave the duplos littering the hallway.

Tonight the Jooge was yelling "MOmeee" so I went in only to find her in bed, wearing nothing but her diaper and white tights. Did I help her don such garments for sleeping? Methinks not. But I found myself helping her into a long sleeved shirt, then tucking her in with the words, "You can wear whatever you want to bed as long as you're warm." I was proud of her covert night dressing games, though it's also all in the name of avoiding sleep. Oh well, kudos for getting the one peice sleeper off and the tights on.

This is me, the late night me, off duty and soon to be offline. I feel like I sound cocky and drunk but anyone who knows me knows I don't drink much. I'm drunk on the fact that everyone's asleep and the only person who needs me is ME! Sweet dreams!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! You have to make a book out of all these blogs!!! I'm still at work but I've been trying to catch up on my reading. Your blog is the only thing that is keeping me sane right now...I'm waaaay over this job!!! I love Avery's new toy is a pad...priceless!!!! I think our next career should be developing new kid toys and shows. I think you have enough material!!! Ha!!!