Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Unforseen Duty

So I'm sitting here, enjoying ME time by browsing blogs on the internet, when I hear a faint yelp from Jooge's room.

Upon listening closer I realize it is indeed Jooge shouting at me from her room where at 10pm she's still not asleep. It was a shout that also sounded like the beginning of a cry, which has been her way lately, full of a general preference not to be in her room alone.

I went in and found her lying there, eyes drowsy, holding a book.

"Mommy! Close it!"

I didn't know what she meant. The book she was holding? Already closed. I tucked her blankets around her legs.

"Mommy. Close it." Close her water bottle? I explained to her that the straw on this particular water bottle did not close down like her others.

"The diaper. Close it." I leaned down closer wondering if her diaper was failing her.

She was pointing to the corner of the room, where the diaper genie was sitting with it's top open. I went over and closed the lid and my precious, cherubic child sighed a huge sigh of relief, like NOW everything was okay. And she uttered one of her favorite phrases these days, "That's um I wanted," in this relieved voice.

Nobody tells you that motherhood entails little duties such as these. Nobody can predict that a two and a half year old will be deeply disturbed by open diaper genies lurking in the corners of their room.

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