A Day in the Life

Yesterday we were on our way to playgroup for the first time in four weeks. I had Avery (complete with lingering chest congestion and occasional snot) safely buckled in and was rounding the car to buckle the Jooge (still suffering from a cough) when Jooge THREW UP! It was with much inner struggle that I got them both back out of the car.

Since joining the playgroup in September, we have been a total of six times, and they meet WEEKLY! If the past six months were to be accurately chronicled, you would see us hunkering down during the week (HELLO CABIN FEVER!) and then our weekends punctuated by my husband and I leaving the house to run errands solo, so as not to expose the kids to more germs and prolong their sickness by being out and about. When one is well and the others' sickness reaches its' cresendo, we go to the doctor to make it all better. What do you know, three days later we're struck by something new.

Inspired by this constant state of challenged immunity, I have written a haiku.

On the doctor's floor
New virus your parting gift
We'll be sick 'til spring!

Check out the Spring '05 BRAIN, CHILD the magazine for thinking mothers for a whole section of "Mamakus!"


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