Marching On

My Valentine didn't get me flowers. He got me a fleece and it is a wonderful hug. So it is hugging me right now and as the Bub nurses and Jooge plays with her plastic animals, light still pours in the window at five o'clock. I just registered for two classes at PCC: a painting class and a bookbinding class. We went to a crappy garage sale today and left empty handed. I took a nap today to catch up on the sleep loss that has been ganging up on me during the day.

Tonight's plan: a movie (Proof, probably) and a dinner of tuna steaks marinated in a homemade vinegarette. Of course I have to wait for the hubby to bring home shallots, capers and arugula for this to be accomplished. Have composed a long to-do list of things to accomplish this weekend, one of the major goals being to get outside and hike now that the weather is getting better and the children are well.

Yesterday I tried to get them out for a walk. I had Jooge in the stroller and the baby in the backpack. The ipod was hooked into my ears, I had given Jooge crackers and water, my shoes were on, and I went to push the stroller and one of the back wheels was totally flat. I had no luck reviving it. I was beyond pissed.

We got into the preschool I really wanted. It's a co-op so we will get to be pretty involved. I really loved the philosophy and the teacher has been there a long time and is great. It doesn't cost a MILLION dollars like some preschools. I had a vision of what I wanted and this is it, so thankfully I can relax and enjoy the days until Jooge is an official preschooler in September. She has been saying lately, "Next I am three" or variations on this. She walks now whenever we go shopping. No more stroller confinement and I need the cart for her sister who has outgrown her carseat carrier.

Speaking of Bubie, she is not quite 11 months but is a whole new girl these days. She is imitating all sorts of words, announcing things and saying "Uh-oh!" She was a completely mellow ANGEL when we went to Toddler story time this week. I broke down and bought three tubes of diaper rash ointment, one for each changing locale, and now her butt butt doesn't have to be rashy. Poor Bub. Her lame mother has been relying on samples of Desitin all this time, samples that get messy and lost. Right now I love following her when she crawls. She crawls fast and then stops, sits and turns around to see if you're still there and we LAUGH! Lucky sigh.

I have started to get comments from my husband about my clothes, "Is that shirt new?" In reality, these items have just emerged again from my pre-preg tubs, seeing the light after three years. I have been religious about walking on the treadmill we got in November, and also watching my calories by keeping a food diary, and it is paying off. I am determined to get back to the body I had before my pregnancies. Not even for the clothes, for me.

It's Shamrock Shake time again at McDonalds. Happy March.


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