Thursday, March 09, 2006

Voila! And Motherhood Becomes a Disability

The other day we stopped at T.J. Maxx to look for a frame for a new picture of the girls that we had taken at Yuen Lui. On our way in I was struggling to push Avery in the stroller because Jooge kept stepping in front of us. Once I had her beside me, holding my hand, I then attempted to open the door. As all this is happening, there is also a blind man barreling along the sidewalk, cane outstretched. When he was about eight feet away he shouted an obnoxious, "Beep beep!" warning us to get out of his way. We nearly didn't make it. I am surprised that the point of his cane didn't catch in the back wheel of the stroller as we hurtled inside the door. (This is how I live dangerously.)

When we got inside I was chuckling a little bit because the guy's warning came out sounding an awful lot like Jacob Sildge, the SNL character incapable of voice modulation. I explained to Jooge why he was beeping at us. Then I felt a little indignant. I mean no disrespect for the blind when I say this, but don't you think moms with strollers AND walking two-year-olds opening doors have a right to beep back?

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