Culinary Thrills

Today I served cantaloupe (chopped into small bites but left on the rind to create a "rainbow") and rainbow radiatore, a pasta we love for it's chewy pinecone shapes. Could not forget string cheese as that is one of Jooge's main staples these days. (Thanks Trader Joes for selling rBST free cheese.)

Unintentionally, I had created a lunch that was great for reasons threefold.
1) The color combo was a pleasing palate of pale orange (in the melon and pasta) green (pasta) and white (pasta and cheese) .
2) The kids ate it all. Both of them. Every bite. Wanted more.
3) Nothing was TOO messy, leaving behind a trail like say, cottage cheese might, or syrup, or something composed of crumbs.

Yes folks, my life has officially hit MUNDANE when I am this thrilled about the way their lunch came together today. Still, sometimes things just work, and that is to be celebrated. These thrills, I will take when I can get them.


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