Sunday, April 16, 2006

Daddy Yum Remodeled

Here you see what the plate looked like when Daddy made Jooge her "first sandwich." Given that he knew she loved string cheese, bread and butter, he planned this little sandwich-making adventure for days. He figured sandwiches would open up a world of possibilities for our favorite little picky eater. If she ate a cheese one, maybe she'd dare to try jelly sometime.

As the picture illustrates, a cookie cutter gave this special sandwich a gingerbread man shape. Note the presentation, peeled apple wedges circling the sandwich. Before placing it before her, he declared it a String Buttercheese Man. It was a whole heck of a lot of hoopla for a sandwich, but around here, as I've mentioned, we take our thrills where we can get them.

When it was time to try it, she hesitated, fought for a moment, dilly-dallied. In an effort not to hover, I simply left the room and he busied himself in the kitchen, throwing a glance over his shoulder often to see if she'd tried it yet. His work was not in vain. She ate it. ALL.

When I made her a sandwich for lunch yesterday (so easy! so quick! i get so tired of boiling pasta!) it was as though I'd asked her to eat a huge turd.

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