Clumsy with a Side of Freaky

I think there's something wrong with me. Yesterday I fell TWICE. As in BIT IT, BIG TIME, TWO TIMES!

The first time I was walking down the stairs, Avery in my arms, and I slipped and went down SO HARD on my tailbone/back. She was fine. I had her in my arms the whole time. Then, later, I was stepping over the gate downstairs and my shoe caught on it and basically both feet caught and I landed on all fours HARD on top of the gate. I was so shocked and in pain that I kind of moaned and "Oh my goshed" while Jooge sat by nearby watching. My husband was up in the shower and when Jooge went up to get him, he didn't hear her. Not that it was necessary to have him come rescue me, it just felt like an emergency. After the fact one knee had a HUGE blue bruise on the side (with the shape of an A in it, strangely) and the other knee was scratched on the surface, but then underlying that scratch was a HUGE and I mean HUGE panel of pale green, or a "bone bruise" as my husband said. The shins were bumped up too. Basically I was mangled. What's UP with the falling?

Today, I went in to get Jooge up from her nap and there were big shards of glass on the carpet, one also in the window frame up against the screen. Yes people. I said SHARDS of GLASS. I was AGHAST, to put it mildly. Jooge was sound asleep and completely unscathed. What in the HECK had happened in there? Had she broken a WINDOW? And how had I not heard? Turns out the artwork on her wall had fallen off somehow. It was the glass in the frame that was broken and just lying there waiting to injure my child. Upon very close inspection, I did find a tiny scratch on her forehead. But after actually picking up a shard and putting it in the window sill, that's not bad. I woke her up with emphatic shrieks. "WHAT HAPPENED?" She had no explanation, so all I could do was vacuum up the madness. It just killed me.

You can foresee and predict and prevent all sorts of hazards from getting yourself or your child. You can be CAREFUL and CAUTIOUS and nothing bad happens. And then, out of the blue, accidents happen, freak occurrences take place. Sometimes they leave you gimpy, and sometimes you escape unharmed. Never a dull moment around here what with baby gates obstructing my path, artwork just hanging out on the walls, industrious Julias amusing themselves pre-sleep....


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