My Mom's Day

My kids are too young for the whole, "Let's do something nice for mommy" phenomenon so the responsibility was mainly on my husband's shoulders to reward my role as Mother. He bought me a new lightweight sporty coat and perfume of my choosing(Dolche and Gabana Light Blue which reminds me of my favorite cedar smell) and it was totally sweet and totally appreciated. My in-laws even had a huge fuschia delivered. How kind was that?

On Mother's Day itself, I took off on a solo mission to amuse myself. First was Crafty Wonderland where I saw some neat homemade stuff. I got myself an iced mocha and a pumpkin scone. I went to Meier and Frank and had the Benefit lady do my make-up. (LOVE their stuff!) I sang in the car to songs I'm usually tired of: I Don't Wanna Wait (Paula Cole) AllStar (Smashmouth) Rocketman (Elton John). LOVE singing in the car. I went to Joann's Superstore and got a cool vinyl tablecloth to make a swimming bag, felt remnants to make my own stuffed animals, and fabric adorned with Miss Spider and Friends to make the Jooge a birthday Quilt.

So, I was given a few nice treats and I distracted myself with an adventure creating a Mother's Day that did not suck. Someday when my kids can express appreciation the pressure will be off my husband and I won't need to leave the house to find a smile. I will know that this is all worth it, because my kids will be able to say thanks.


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