Raining and Pouring

As I mentioned previously, things in our house were on the brink of big, and now they are starting to unfold and bloom, right before my very eyes. (which reminds me of a song lyric: Biscuits in the oven gonna watch 'em rise, right before my very eyes!-Go Raffi!)

Jooge has decided to "listen to her body" and go potty on the potty again. Woo hoo! This does not include poop, but hey, we'll take the pee for now. We'll take wearing diapers that don't get soiled. We'll take the joy on her face and our own glee at the possibilities that stretch before us. We had a playdate Friday with some REALLY NICE NEIGHBORS and Jooge declared that she had to go potty at their house, so we went on in and used their potty. I won't mention (yes I will) how we sat on it kinda funny, and also on our jeans so that when we went potty in the seat it ended up all over the floor and mommy was a little stressed trying to assess the situation, as we'd never really used anyone elses kid potty before, let alone left a puddle on their bathroom floor.

And....equally huge: Avery is walking! She is absolutely ADORABLE taking little steps from mommy to daddy and back again, getting so delighted. I have captured this via video footage and will try to add it to the post eventually, as you may notice I do a whole heck of a lot of blog edits. We were on the cusp for so long, and now, she's put it all together and discovered the thrill of being vertical. Woo hoo Bub!

The rain outside is having a nourishing effect on all, I guess. Thanks!


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