Hello June Goodbye Oregon!

Well today's the day I fly the friendly skies, thanking my lucky stars that I did not book my reservation on 6-06-06. We were joking that hopefully there would be no electromagnetic inferferance (as on "Lost") during the flight. I fly into beautiful downtown Burbank, which will aid in avoiding the whole LAX nightmare.

This whole trip could not be landing in my lap at a better time. Maybe it's my hormonal overload (quitting nursing and having my period) as well as just the pileup of mom emotion over the last three years, as well as my difficulty with different moments of motherhood at this phase we're at right now. I just know that I really need a getaway and this will be genuine gold to go to a sunny place where there's lots going on, lots of possibility, and nobody needs me.

I get to see my brother who will make me laugh all weekend and show me cool things in L.A., and according to my mom, drive like a bat out of hell. He works for Ellen so maybe we'll take some choice photos on the set, like me interviewing him or me with his Lil' Snow head on doing a dance move. I can't wait.

I went shopping and tried to buy some hip duds for my journey. Frankly at this point I could take my whole wardrobe and pitch it into the Wilamette with no remorse. Bring on What Not to Wear hosts and crew, I am a fashion nightmare. Everything I wear reaks of MOM, (sans "mom jeans", I will not induldge.) I made it out of the stores with a few new choice items, which I tried on for my husband. He was encouraging until my new jeans went on and he kind of grimaced. I had to don them a second time to get him to GET the look. Seriously, so much of the stuff out right now is SUPER UGLY. Lots of really weird beaded tank tops and blousy strappy tank tops and weird lengths of pants, or are they shorts? Maybe they can help me out down south with the hipness factor.

Did I mention I can't wait?


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