Hotter Than Hades

FUDGE! It was 88 degrees INDOORS yesterday, with nary a waft of fresh air to help.
No, we do not have AC. We might have gone somewhere that did, but The Jooge had a fever and was exhibiting other cold-like symptoms: sneezing, coughing, snot. She had been up half the night with some serious midnight sass that I did not greet with even a centimeter of patience, saying things like, "STOP CRYING!" (Bad mom moment #390). So to summarize: no sleep, a hot house, a sick kid, the arrival of my monthly gift.....not the best day in June. When the TV wasn't entertaining us, it was a pack of wipes. The baby started to pull them out and I actually thought, oh, that's a good idea for some momentary cool relief. You go!

So, when my husband got home last night it was no cooler. (Still 99 outside!). He was being very empathetic having spent his day in AC at work. He opened the front door to reveal a huge box and said in mock surprise, "Did you know that was there? What is it?" Turns out he went and bought an AC unit for the window to cool our upstairs. SaWEET. I told him it might as well have been Pa getting home from Mankato with a pocketful of horehound the way our swollen sweaty bodies craved the comfort of that small appliance.

Hours later, it was perched precariously above our patio where we now play at our own risk. But, baby got AC. And that's all this mommma want.


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