Never a Dull Moment

Hey here's my day and the fun I experienced: (yes folks, all whilst on.the.rag.)

Woke up with a fussy baby at 5a.m.

Washed/showered while holding fussy baby.

Bathed three year old after she covered her legs in marker tattoos.

Attended/chaperoned,held down child at well-baby visit in which she received two immunizations. (She already had a little fever and was catching her sister's cold.)

Cleaned poop up off the carpet when the eldest decided she would poop in one of her bath stacking tubs and then streak it on the carpet.

Discovered that a diaper went through the wash with all the kid's clothes, leaving behind a mound of the gel found inside a wet diaper amongst the laundry.(The diaper was about the size of a regulation football.).

Ate "lunch" (cereal and english muffins) late and in a starving state while also watching one 45 minute stretch of tivo'd mommy programming.

Woke two tired children up to take them to an art class in a car which had very hot very mean car seat belts. (Class was a paint extravaganza lemmie tell ya, one which I did not have to clean up thank you very much!).

Coaxed three year old from the floor of the front seat of the car where she'd climbed while I extracted her snot-nosed, fevered and limp younger sister.

Tried to get said three year old to remain in time out for roughhousing with her ill sister but was unsuccessful so merely left the room and had her do time out when I came back.

Made dinner for a picky eater who merely squeezed the peas from their "sleeping bags" and took MAYBE a bite of instant mashed potatoes.

And, the clincher:

Learned that my grandma who was 90 died from complications due to her MRSA infection.

Oh, and cried, remembering my grandma. Post honoring her to come......


Maureen said…
I laughed 'till I cried reading that blog! I wasn't laughing at you (although it WAS brilliantly written), but rather WITH you. I have had days just like that! Very rich.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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