Random Babblings About Life Lately

PHEW! I have finally landed and can sit down and blog it all out of the system.

First,the highlights of my trip to L.A. I started it off with a day all to myself to do absolutely NOTHING. I then proceeded to sweat my ass off on a California beach as we rode 28.6 miles from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach on rental cruisers. I soon found myself lying limp and the most relaxed I've been in ages on a table for my very first full body massage. I got to meet a few of my brother and his girlfriend's friends, drink his favorite Cuban coffee iced, and lounge in his ADORABLE apartment in Silver Lake. We saw The Break Up for a whopping $14.00. I saw Kevin Dillon, Wayne from Wonder Years, and Frankie from Days was eating at the Edendale Grill across from where we sat. I came home with music, got to read a really great book on the plane: How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life (Mameve Medwed) and my husband took wonderful care of the girls and bonded with them more than ever. I highly recommend such a getaway as it was good for all of us.

With everything going on, I've still managed to go to the Laurelwood neighborhood garage sale. WOAH! Over 100 houses, spread all over everywhere! Talk about overwhelming. I had no plan, so probably only hit a third of them. All I got were two lampshades for $1 each that I am going to remake into cool hanging lights. I am taking a felted tote knitting class from the NICEST LADY EVER. She taught me that I'm a pick knitter and just sort of chuckled when I had to keep redoing my casting-on because I was doing it too tightly. (I could stand to cast on a little more loosely-jeez louise!) I kept thinking: IN OVER MY HEAD, IN OVER MY HEAD because I've never actually knit SOMETHING. She had faith though, so my tote will still be born, and apparently felting is the way to go, totally forgiving. We watched a great movie last night: Duane Hopwood. The scene where he rides up in the turkey outfit on his bike: PRICELESS. I was laughing and crying all at once. I forgot how much I liked David Schwimmer, even though he's kind of a loser in this movie. I really rented it because John Krasinski from The Office was in it.

I have NOT managed to exercise at all in some time and so today put both cherubs in the Burley and HIT IT. It was good for me and I hope it kicks off a tradition of taking better care of myself this summer. Now that I am officially not a breastfeeding mother, they will let me register with sparkpeople.com and I can do a little more monitoring of my healthy/non-healthy habits. My weaknesses this week: sugar wafers, cheese puffs, and fudge. (We also just got back from a week at the Oregon Coast-fudge is everywhere at the beach!) I think I've gained like ten pounds in the last two months, so I'm going in the wrong direction here, and it ain't right.

Upcoming posts will be dedicated to those near and dear: Jooge who just turned three, my husband who is the best dad in the west, and the non-verbal but ever-so vocal youngest daughter who has finally tasted sand. Until then.....


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