To Julia on Her Third Birthday

Dear Julia,

As a new three year old, you are a giggling, beautiful, thoughtful, musical, clumsy, empathetic, independent, strong-willed, silly, sensitive, happy, jumping girl. You are full of love for your family, a short ringleader urging, "Let's have a family hug." You told me recently "It's fun to have a little sister," and you are constantly hugging and squeezing her! When you talk to her and share with her it makes mommy so happy. You really do a good job being sweet to your sister.

Your favorite things to do these days are to play with playdough and color. You are really good at coloring! You like sticking stickers in your sticker book, being read to, going to story time, and the park. You do not ride in strollers or wagons anymore. The other night you got undressed and put on your PJ's all by yourself and then brushed your teeth. Daddy and I are amazed by your singing, which you are usually doing. We think it's really funny when you sing your own lyrics to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle. You can spell your name and that has turned into a song too, to the tune of BINGO. You love to run and one of your favorite hobbies lately is running just a little too far away from mom which usually earns you some loudly disputed "wall time." You are nearly potty-trained, preferring diapers still but not getting them wet at all. What a big girl you are to know when your body has to go to the bathroom, and you can even sit on the big potty now with your special seat on it. Mommy is so proud of you for that! I know it won't be long before you're wearing underwear and pooping in the potty too!

Lately you've been really obsessed with the ice cream man. What song does his truck sing, you ask. You talk about what you will say when you order ice cream. You want him to have strawberry cheesecake but he may not have it. You are learning to "take sensible bites," and like to eat string cheese, tortillas, and frozen blueberries. It's pretty hard to get you to try new foods. It's a good thing that you have a mind of your own, but it sure can be tough! Grandma Z made you a TUTU for your birthday, which you wear and feel beautiful in. Grandma S sent you a life-sized yellow lab that you named Fireplace. Daddy got you a fish tank and three fish, one which you named Pudgy Bunny. Mommy made you a Miss Spider blanket that you can wrap up in to feel cozy. You recently lost your BUDDY, a little stuffed rattle elephant that you slept with every night.

So many people love you Julia and you love people. You are friendly and outgoing, and always have been, though there are also times when you hang your head shyly, like, say, when Shannon the librarian talks to you. You have a huge heart that will make you a kind and caring friend to others. Soon you will go to preschool! I know that you are going to love school and be a great student. You are already so smart! Whenver we drive somewhere you know exactly where we are, pointing out Costcos and Micaela's house and New Seasons. You know you are "free" and can count up to 20, though the 13-15 part gets kind of hard sometimes.

Thanks for coming along Monkey, and making me the luckiest mom ever over the last three years. "I WUV you."


Maureen said…
I CANNOT believe she is three years old already. Funny how it must seem like she has ALWAYS been there, even though it is such a short time. Congratulations, Julia! Happy Three!

Anonymous said…
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