25% Of Kids Get Them

We had the three year Dr. visit today. Jooge was super cute with the doctor,
full of personality, coy, then comfortable. I was really glad that we had our visit though because last week when we were up at Diamond Lake she had started to do this blinking/squinting thing. It was irking me because I thought she was having some vision problem or something, so I asked him about it. He informed me that she had a tic. A TIC! My mind was reeling. What in the bleep causes THAT? Aren't tics NERVOUS tics? He assured me that tics were normal, involuntary habits that people get. Two of his own kids had had them. He said the important thing was to not ask her to stop, because she couldn't, just as she couldn't explain what was going on. (Prior to this we had been saying things like, "Are your eyes bothering you?") He also said that talking about it around her can reinforce it. She hasn't been doing it lately, so maybe that little TIC is TAKING OFF, but in the meantime, we'll be browsing the internet sites only to see that it's right next to TOURETTES and other loveliness........


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