Here We Are and It's July....

Had to share these amazing blooms from the farmer's market we went to at Orenco Station near our house a few weeks ago. SO GORGEOUS. I also had THE BEST cupcake from the Dessert First! booth. YUM! It had this amazing cappucino frosting. I was all, making love to my cupcake, while sharing little tiny teensy bites with my children. Heaben, pure heaben.

In other news, we had a splendid fourth of July. We started the day at a local 5KWalk/Fun Run to support Cancer Awareness. I was totally emotional because we were there in the midst of all these brave Cancer survivors and most of the people who weren't survivors had "IN MEMORY OF" signs hanging off their race numbers. Cancer affects SO MANY PEOPLE. I was just thinking, "Who will it hit next?" The husband ran with all the runners and I walked pushing the girls in the Burley, which was pretty peaceful, but not a hugely easy task. At one point had to pull over due to fighting over the FISHY cup and then about mile 1.5 Jooge wanted to get out and walk. Anyway, that started the day off with a bang, an early bang, but a rewarding bang. I finished in 50 minutes too, which I was proud of. Then we watched the 4th of July parade, amassing a ton of candy in Jooge's little bucket, which she was cramming in her mouth as fast as she could. We went to a BBQ at some of my husband's co-workers house, complete with a firework extravaganza. Jooge, not a fan of the show, kept saying, "Stop Vat." Oh, and we came dressed in our patriotic finery, my shirt being a red glittery winner that said: 50% Sweet 50% Sassy 100% American. (A mere 3.99 at Kohl's!) My husband's shirt had a big ugly eagle in flight festooned by flags. Were we mocking patriotic clothing by wearing them? Totally. (Though my kids did look cute in their starry striped attire.)

The highlight of the weekend had to be when I went grocery shopping and came home to see the family out back enjoying the kiddie pool we'd scored at the Rockin' Big K. My husband had dressed Avery in her swimming suit, but had unknowingly put it on backwards, so it fit her more like a wrestling unitard might. You know, a plunge in the front, riding a bit in the rear. I could not stop laughing, and I am talking genuine laughter here, folks, no small chortles, no guffaws. Apparently he had struggled with Jooge's too, finally figuring out the science of separating the straps just right so she could step in without maiming herself.

Ahhhh. And summer has arrived.


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