On Teachers Never Dying, Just Losing Class....

I taught for seven years (nine if you count subbing) and therefore the whole TEACHER side of me got enough practice that it hides within and comes bursting forth every once in awhile. Like, for example, other teachers may relate to being at the park and seeing a kid climbing UP the slide and feeling well, let's just say, unsettled, ready to blow the whistle, ready to give them the old "Down not up" speech.

Anyway, one day at the library we saw some REALLY disruptive kids who were calling each other inappropriate things and basically playing tag amongst the shelves in the children's section. Jooge was watching them very closely, edging nearer and nearer until I said, "Come sit next to me, those kids are being naughty."

When they started to SPRINT past me, I could help it no longer. I could not control myself from pulling out a can of whoop ass! (Please believe me, these days I am not usually one to impose behavior redirection upon wild and crazy children who are not mine but these kids were BAD!)
ME: (Emphatically) "HEY! We don't run in the library!"
GIRL: Looks awkward, stammers, makes lame excuse.
ME: (pointing at my three year old) "She's going to think it's okay to run when she sees you running!"
GIRL: More stammering, more lame excuses, then takes off running.

Pretty soon a dad appeared, gave the kids a second-long, "Hey, mom and I are upstairs, don't LEAVE the library," and was off again. I was really close to pointing out that his kids were out of control, but bit my lip. Sweet victory arrived moments later when over the loudspeaker I heard: "If you are the parent of two youngsters that have been left unattended in the children's section, please come and get them immediately. Their behavior is unacceptable."

My teacher self was quite delighted.


Anonymous said…
So glad you are back. I missed the lunch hour ramblings and humor.

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