Friday, July 28, 2006

Step Right Up Folks, It's The Amazing Baby

Avery, now 15 months, has been doing all sorts of things lately that amaze me. I will now begin my proud mother rant, uttering phrases that any mother of a 15 month old would utter, but doing it still because, well, I just forgot that she would change, grow, and emerge a PERSON!

Like, when we're reading she will see a duck and say, "DUCK!" And I'll point to a fish and she will say, so adorably, "WAYOH." WHALE! She did the same thing when we saw dolphins on TV. Last night she saw the Counting Kisses book and when she handed it to me, did an audible smooch, then held out her foot because it's a kissing book where you give ten kisses to teeny tiny toes. She sits down with the Hand Hand Finger Thumb book and pats it and says "DUM DUM" and opens the Olivia's Opposites book and says UP DOWN and then growls because there's a page that says QUIET LOUD and I always growl it that way.

In terms of musical proficiency, (I know, I hear the groans of all who are reading this: Tia, hello, all babies do these things) Where is Thumbkin will be playing in the car and she'll be dancing her fingers around all concentrated and cute. When she hears certain verses of certain songs she will be inspired to add her own, "BEEP BEEP BEEP" or "EIEIO."

Jooge loves to guide her through various repetitive phrases, "Avee say, Daddy." To which she response, "DADDY." She says, "BABY" whenever she sees another little baby, even if they are her own size. She says, "WAWA" and "CHEESE" and "CACK-O" and
"MIO" for milk. She sees dogs and points and says "DA!" She Moos when she sees cows.
She loves seeing "KEE-KEES" on walks. She can't say Jooge yet or Julia but she does attempt "SISTER" with a spit-hurling "SSSSS." Of course she is very good at her "NO" and at saying "BYEE" to whatever we are leaving behind.

The biggest of all miracles is that she has been very interested in the potty lately. As in, she loves to play with it, take the little container in and out, sit on it, etc. The other night after bath she was climbing in and then sitting on it. I left the room to help Jooge get dressed and when I came back, there was pee pee in it! She peed in the potty for the first time! Unbelievable. Especially considering we are by no means finished pottytraining child numero uno.

And so, my little blonde Bub is growing every day. Why just this second she is protesting her mother's computer time, urging us towards breakfast. It will be seconds before she has wedged the gate open and is inching down the stairs, large motor skills honed and eager. Oh wait, no, that's the potty being mucked with....
Okay, gotta go.

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