Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wait Up, Guys!

We took a trip to the Japanese Garden a few weekends ago and loved it! Photo ops galore, serenity, lots of green, an amazing view of Portland, and a pond with super cool fish to gaze at. Go! If you haven't yet, get your fanny there. Breathe in. Rest. Contemplate. Be.

(Of course chasing a three year old through the woods isn't exactly the definition of serenity, nor is removing lips suctioned to the drinking fountain or cleaning tiny piles of pebbles from the benches where industrious hands have piled them.......Still, very aesthetically pleasing and calm, very worth experiencing with little people.)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds utterly delightful. Thanks for sharing. Safer than going to the zoo apparently. Auntie "M"