We All Scream For It

Yesterday we were playing around in our backyard kiddie pool when suddenly I heard it. It was faint, mixed with the faraway noises of passing cars, construction, children's voices. I grabbed the actual cash that was nestled in my wallet and we ventured out to find: The Ice Cream Man.

Sure enough, my ears had not betrayed me. There, coming up the street, he flew, spreading the ice cream spirit by blasting "Turkey in the Straw." We waved him down, he obliged. We chose our frozen treats. He even gave us a DEAL on one. It was all too exciting for words. Back on our lawn, we enjoyed the fru-its of our quest. And for your viewing pleasure, a photo montage.....
Eyeing the Sweetness

Letting her sample it AFTER removing eyeball eyes, goodbye, choke hazard!

Trying sister's

Double Fisting it

Second born gets ripped off with her sister's hand-me-down treat

So, exactly HOW do you eat these things?

Welcome to Screwedville.

Note: the snow cone is no longer.

And, we see a naked popsicle stick. Thank you, thank you very much. We'll be here all week!


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