Wednesday, August 30, 2006


For those of you who care, I apologize for the infrequent posts. I am currently coming to you thanks to Blue's Clues, which has both girls captivated so I can...sigh...write. Last weekend I went to Seattle to visit my friends who are nearly ready to hit the hospital for the birth of their firstborn. It was a great visit punctuated by some shopping, delicious cupcake eating, my first pedicure, (why was that my first?!) relaxation, tasty meals out, sleeping in. You know, basically a deserved reprieve and quality friend time. I did feel bad leaving behind two sick kids with my husband. Poor guy. I brought back these, made by Manhattan Toy for presents. They are the softest and oh so hugable. Basically pig and bunny have been going everywhere with us, to swimming lessons, the grocery store, etc.

The dirt babies have grown afros. They're a little irksome with the roots poking from beneath too. Pretty rich though.

I made Jooge a book the other day, "Julia's Amazing Summer." We did so much this summer, yet I keep wondering where in the HECK did summer go? I am in awe of time's ruthless pace.

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