I Wanna Be a Doodlebop

Have you ever seen The Doodlebops? DeeDee, Rooney and Moe are these gleeful, brightly painted people with only the crispest dance moves. Their songs get caught in my head EVERY time. For this, I am thankful that my kids aren't especially into them. Rooney cracks me up because of how effeminate he is. Whenever they are on, it's pretty rich to watch his, well, enthusiasm.

ANYWAY, we've been getting a ton of catalogs around here lately, one of the richest being the Costume Express catalog. When I opened it the funniest costumes BY FAR were the ones for DeeDee and Rooney! Aren't they rich?

Jooge decided long ago that she wanted to be a butterfly, and Pottery Barn Kids sells THE BEST NON-CHEESIEST BUTTERFLY COSTUME EV-ER, but for a pretty penny, (actually for a pretty 10,000 pennies). Do I have $100 in my budget for this? No. Nor do I have the budget for the adorable ladybug for Avery either. OKay, so they only make it in 2T and up. She's a tall girl for 17 months. We could make it work.


Maureen said…
ahh, someone else who lives in the land of doodle-bops!

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