Off the Clock

After a grueling week of sick kids, breathing treatments for sick kids, worry about sick kids, preschool orientations, making sure we even wanted to attend the preschool when it was unclear whether they had a firm policy against anyone being in the bathroom alone with the kids, the cancellation of yet another painting class I tried to take, the stress of the Intel layoffs, a day of husband-in-a-football-coma yesterday, as of 2pm today I was granted a "night off." It was perfect timing because I was beginning to feel surly and resentful. I NEEDED a night off.

First thing I did was see "The Last Kiss" with Zach Braff, who I really love. He was pretty good in it, though his characters behavior was hard to excuse. You'll have to see it if you haven't. It makes you think about what you would forgive, and why people do the things they do and about marriage and how fricken hard it is, but how it's worth it to work at it. I really thought Jacina Barrett, former Real World England gal, did a GREAT JOB opposite Zach. Very good actress. Oh and did I mentione I spent $10.75 on movie snacks: popcorn, milk duds (eaten together of course) and a coke, which I never drink. Totally indulgent. Totally enjoyable.

Anyway, after that movie I felt a little pensive so I am now locked up with the computer and actually blogging, since I usually have OTHER THINGS TO DO, like clean and do laundry. SO. Blogging doesn't usually get to be a priority but it is so therapeutic for me and I totally need to do it more.

Next on my list is a good walk. I LOVE being outside. The air is starting to get crisp and moving in the evening outside always makes me happy. I've also been really into podcasts lately. I subscribe to CRAFT SANITY and CRAFTY POD, and they inspire my crafty sensibilities so I have a new one to listen to. My husband and I are supposed to have an "in house date night" tonight, so that's also something to look forward to. I'm excited about Daiquiris and Scrabble.

Everyone needs a day off now and then, and I am thankful for mine. When do you get to take yours?


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