Hair Talk

I know I seem to write about hair with some frequency, (at least those precious tendrils that grow from my girls' noggins), but HAIR I go again. (Sorry. That was bad. I'm a cheeseball).

I've recently been made aware of a trend amongst the fashion forward and Hollywood elite (Okay, among Jessica Simpson and anyone else that goes to her hair dude) where they are DYING THEIR ROOTS TO LOOK DARK. Yes folks, you heard me right. It's suddenly COOL to have roots contrasting with the rest of your color. What luck-I had the look going and didn't even know it! At this rate I need not schedule my much belated color appointment. I'm SET.

And something else that occurred to me the other day while showering...Do you think the label on our hair products say anything about us? Think about it. One of my recent shampoo bottles boasted that it was for hair with NO MAJOR ISSUES (and in a pretty big font)! Did I choose it because the label reflects my own perception about my life, or even bigger: about the life I WANT to have? Kinda makes you wonder. Do I choose moisturizing conditioner when my life is in a dry spell? When my mousse promises LIFT is it really a life lift I need? Yes, I'll admit, these ideas are wacky. AND,they are replacing important shower tasks like doing self-check exams-especially in OCTOBER, HEL-LO Tia it IS Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Still though, I wonder. What does your shampoo say about YOU?


Anonymous said…
HIGH VOLUME - HEAT ACTIVATED TO AMPLIFY! Hmmm-something to ponder. Marisue

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