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Are these not the CUTEST dishes? And they are Corelle! We had Corningware (I think Corelle made these) growing up. Though not the loveliest pattern, we dropped them, they would not break. They never showed signs of wear and tear. You could stack a thousand in the cupboard and still have room. They were light to carry. They could be microwaved and would not burn your hands afterwards. (At least I don't think they did). Could you ask any more from a dish?

Our current dilema with our dishes is that 1) They are a mishmash from my husband and I combining our goods when we got married. 2) They are pottery so they tend to sear the phalanges when handled after microwaving. 3) They are easy to break and heavy. And the mellamine and plastic ones we use for the kids can't be microwaved either for fear of leaching harmful BPA's into our daughter's food. I'd love to fill the shelves with the Polish Pottery I fell in love with last year but alas, the budget will not allow.

Corelle's dishes are the obvious answer to solving all of our dish dilemmas. Santa, are you listening..........?


Anonymous said…
I think they are toooo cute and would go great with the Italian pottery. Would love to see the Polish pottery. Where is it? When can we see it? Marisue
CityMama said…
That is a cute pattern! i have been toying with getting some Corelle because they seem so durable. Everytime i look on the site, though, you have to buy the sets, I just want 4 plates!
Tia said…
I remember that the Phaltzgraff (sp?) outlet used to sell individual pieces of corelle but I don't know where they have one.

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