What Would Martha Stewart Do?

Any friends we have visited in the past few weeks have made me realize by their example that people decorate for holidays. People hang pumpkin garlands or ghostly lantern lights. People frame doorways with Happy Halloween banners and motion activated skull mobiles.

And then there's our house.

It's not that I don't like to decorate, I just usually only do it at Christmas. The rest of the holidays, well, they come knocking at our door and are welcomed to Screwedville. That may have to change now that my kids are getting old enough to notice, and old enough not to abuse whatever decorative gourds are, as Martha Stewart would say, "FESTOONING" our entry way.

So, this week we have been decorating. With some excellent examples of homemade decor at Jooge's friend Tenne's house, we got busy producing kleenex ghosts, handprint bats, and spooky blown paint ghosts. Lemmie tell ya, this place really is spookified. I figure after All Hallows Eve has passed I will round up a few choice decorations that are on the clearance rack at Target or Ross, though none will quite compare with our homemade ones.

This weekend we will carve pumpkins and round up Deely Boppers for Julia's butterfly costume. We will sink our teeth into delicious sugar cookies frosted with the tastiest of buttercreams. We will hand out treats to mini McSteamys(They had a picture of a kid dressed up like this on Ellen yesterday) and we will take a short trek around the block to experience trick or treating for the first time, stopping to give a "shout out" to the huge Pooh hanging out on a nearby porch. In short, we will join the spirit of the holiday. And that? As Martha Stewart herself would say, that's a good thing.


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