Goodwill Hunting

Friday morning I woke up from a dream where I'd found some choice items at Goodwill. Guess what WE did that morning? Here's my haul:
Package of IKEA magazine holders still in the package. (Here they are assembled). .99

HUGE bulletin board (which I'd been totally looking for for awhile) which I am going to decoupage with cool printed tissue paper. $2.99

Pair of blue shoes that look just like some I had when I was a kid. $2.49

A bunch of Christmas fabric that I am going to make into some fabric buntings like these. $6.00

A bag of cotton stuffed Christmas Ornaments like the ones we had when I was a kid. $1!

A Ravensburger number game. .99

A Folkmanis Princess puppet. $1.99

A new red fabric photo box Target price tag still on the box $2.99

A mug for Julia to drink her berry tea in .49

A good trip to the thrift store? Priceless.


Jennifer said…
Oh I love days like those!!! I only wish that the Goodwills around my neck of the woods would start carrying more interesting stuff - plus, scavenger hunting with two kids really doesn't make for quality scavenger hunting...

It's my first visit (via CityMama) and totally diggin' your site. I'll be back!

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