Happy To You

One year ago on a chilly November day, my blog burst forth amidst sparks and fireworks. Writing somewhat regularly has served a very important purpose, namely becoming one of many creative endeavors I have pursued to make my life more balanced.

In the spirit of moving towards year two of the blog, I have a few GOALS. As most do in the second year, I'd like this blog to get accustomed to sitting on the potty, to walking, talking, using eating untensils, you know, stuff like that. It would be nice to wean it of its bottle, to get it to start brushing its teeth, to maybe get it to say please and thank you.

But seriously, I've been wanting to redesign the blog a bit, which I know nothing about but which may mean switching to a new site. I've been pretty happy with Blogger but Typepad seems to be calling my name. I would like to include links and have a section about favorite books, music, etc. Expect big blog makeovers in other words.

I would like to write more often and more openly. I'd like to let posts fly into cyberspace without being perfect. I would like to gain a larger audience. I have even considered launching a more minor but equally thrilling "sister blog" about..........Wouldn't you like to know? Stay tuned for this possibility. I mean I gave birth to two children, why not two blogs?

I have lofty ideas, I know, but that's what birthdays are for, looking forward, lighting candles, singing amidst the candle's glow.

To anyone who comes back regularly for more, thanks for reading! Avery is now taking this out with her rendition of "Happy Birthday" which she sings, "Happy to you...."


Jenny said…
Happy anniversary! Keep up the good work. :)

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