Deep Blue, A Review

Have you seen Deep Blue? It is a fascinating documentary about the miracle that is the ocean. Watch it for jellyfish resembling huge slices of cucumbers and electric orbs lurking in the depths. Watch it to meet a part of the world that most of us will never meet face to face.

I learned a ton of stuff, but was amazed to see Orcas in a whole new light. Orcas are the badasses of the deep, bullying their prey by tossing it high above the water. There is one scene where an Orca throws a seal 20 feet up in a strange pre-meal show of prowess. When you watch a movie where an Orca is throwing a seal into the air and your three year old is in the room, she will innately sense the injustice and she will scream, "Stop that whale!"You will wonder if you should have let her watch, but then you will remember that as horrific as it was for her to watch, she has further developed empathy, and that makes it worth it, right there.

The real question is whether you will ever again again dare to go tandem sea kayaking in the San Juans with Ocras surfacing within 30 feet?


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