Saturday, December 30, 2006

Oh Brother, Congrats!

The other day we went to Seaside for the day and while we were walking along the boardwalk my brother Andy and his girlfriend Meghann called. The fact that they were calling again after having just called the night before, the fact that they were both on the line, the fact that my brother sounded, well, different (in a good way!) could only mean one thing............

They got engaged!
Standing there half crying, half congratulating was a highpoint of this holiday season for me. He's my little brother and he proposed and he's getting married! AAAA! Not only that, he's one of my favorite people and he's found a great gal and they are one of those couples that are just....right! Meghann will officially be AUNT Meghann. They will one day have kids and be GREAT parents. Now if we could just get them to move closer to us. L.A. is ever so far away.

I'm getting misty again just thinking about all they have before them. Congrats, guys!

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