Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Presence of Presents

Remember calling your friends to talk about your Christmas loot? Just for a tiny second let's pretend we're little kids excited about our presents and this is your call from me.

There are new toys littering the rug, not TOO many, but enough. We have a 18" doll, lacing cards, a doll stroller, a Curious George jack-in-the-box, a doctor kit, dress-up princess clothes, yaddada, yaddada yaddada. After all was said and done, both girls fell asleep holding one of these, their contented lips stained with pez.

My husband got me great stuff, including the Corelle Vintage Floral dishes I once admired, (which I still totally admire but which looked really different color-wise online) a subscription to Blueprint magazine, a set of 24 colorful Sharpies, the calendar I ALWAYS get, some Ghiradelli Peppermint Hot Chocolate, some new sewing shears and pins, (neither which had been replaced since the mid-80's when I invested in my Jr. High sewing kit) and THIS! He done good, my hubby. I got some cashola from my in-laws which I used to buy cozy flannel sheets and a quilt for our king-sized bed (formerly partially covered with a full-sized quilt). I got a present for myself too: a pottery casserole dish from the 60's. Totally cute. Made by Northington. Could not find it at all on ebay.

And as for the gems I purchased for my darling husband(okay, please do not stop reading, I know this has reached the boring mark but maybe you might wanna know!) two new fluffy towels, a tv tray, an issue of Runners magazine, a new coffee maker, a book of easy classical piano music, the Free to Be You and Me CD, Junior Mints, Altoids,and a yet to be received but totally rich DVD (hint: 70's series featuring really unrealistic dinosaurs, little hairy people and a blonde girl with braids).

I am blessed in so many ways, in ways WAY beyond STUFF. My stuff is the kind of stuff nobody would want to break into my house and steal. But my really meaningful posessions including my darling family, my health, etc. are invaluable. My hope for you as we inch towards celebrating a new year, is that whatever you have, all the stuff that isn't STUFF, you keep, treasure, and smile upon. That's what I plan to do. Oh, and learn how to make that BBQ Chicken salad they serve at California Pizza Kitchen. As the ever-so-obnoxious-talker Rachel Ray would say, Yum-O.Yes. I did just quote Rachel Ray. At least I did not get her Yum-O t-shirt for Christmas and tell you about it.

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