Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa, You Out There?

We are ever so excited around here for Christmas. You know, to the point that we wait by the window and watch for Santa to drive by in his pick-up. Our Playmobile advent calendar has only four boxes yet to open, the Christmas tree is completely dead, and mommy has been cut off from buying any more gifts, which can only signal one thing: Christmas is only days away!

This year while watching Charlie Brown's Christmas special I really had to CRINGE at some of the mean things the Peanuts gang said. You think differently about these things as a mom, and especially as a mom whose preschooler will understand and imitate what she's watching. Not a problem if she's imitating the dance moves, but surely a problem if she's running around quoting Lucy's, "I oughtta slug you!"

As for the new Charlie Brown Christmas special tacked onto the end of the original, I thought it was pretty bad, built to be bratty so today's kids would like it, but all in all: LAME. And Sally's voice? Sally's voice and the sound of it stirred extreme feelings of anger within, feelings of anger that reached a hard boil and could have been turned into angry taffy. Charles Schultz had to be rolling over in his grave.

All commentary aside, for anyone who loves Scrubs and the Charlie Brown Christmas special, I found this little gem on YouTube last night when reading my favorite celebrity blog (and the first blog I ever read). I tell you what, it is ten minutes of true hilarity. Let's hope your computer is more advanced than this dino I'm using, as watching videos just about cracks mine in half.

I also found another gem that I totally remember from Sesame Street, The Milk Crisis. I used to sing the "Milk...Mi-ilk" part when Jooge was a baby and our lives revolved around milk.

Okay, it's time for mommy to step away from the computer.

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Maureen said...

loooooooove the tutu behiney!