Bye January

We put a tent in our playroom for the halibut. Oh if only I could zip the moments that make motherhood difficult deep inside it. This week has been exausting. It's been the wind or the impending full moon or something something something in the air. Anyone else having one of those weeks?

Yet, we just had a great getaway with friends to the coast. What weather! It felt GRAND to walk on the beach and feel a part of the waves and the fresh air and the sunset. The friends we went with are great. Our kids played together wonderfully. (Don't you love it when your kids play with friends and there's hardly a scuffle? Love that). We played pop culture Trivial Pursuit and drank Musket wine. We ate well and slept well and again, the fresh air and sand did us wonders. It does one good to get away. I guess it also can flub up your week afterwards, making it difficult to rediscover your groove.

February looms. With it will come hearts and attitude adjustments, mailing our miniswap, visits from in-laws and blooming crocus.


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