Friday, January 19, 2007

The New Adventures of Old Raggedy Ann

My mom made Julia a Raggedy Ann doll (pictured at left above) for Christmas this year. (Mom: FYI I trimmed the fro today, hope that's okay)! She did such a great job, even stitching "I Love Julia" on her chest. She also got us one of the old Johnny Gruelle books about Raggedy and her adventures. The stories are full of nice messages and uncommon language, which I really appreciate. They also keep Jooge's attention, something I didn't expect. I pulled out my old Raggedy and told her all about how special she was to me back when I was little and how she was probably 3o years old (or more)! (Upon closer inspection this would be terribly obvious)! After Julia saw me with mine she was even more interested in hers. I believe her actual words were: "You love yours, and I love mine." Though mine got to pose in this picture, she watches our world safely from a shelf. She wouldn't keep her legs long if Avery spent more than two minutes with her. It's funny to see her again, to study her smile and all the mending stitches running this way and that on her body. If dolls really did amuse themselves in the nursery at night, if Raggedy really could think and speak, I wonder what she would say about who I was then and who I am today.

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