Snow Fun

So we've enjoyed the snow a lot around here. It's been pretty. It's been fun. And now that it's nearly melted, we're reeealllly ready for it to be gone. As in, BUH BYE snow. And DON'T COME BACK for awhile. For all our outdoor fun, the neighborly cheer, the snowman building, the trekking about to explore dressed in layer upon layer of warmth, (now THERE'S an aerobic activity: dressing two squirrels for the chilly temps!) mommy's been a bit stir crazy with Little Miss Preschooler home all week and no trips anywhere except for New Seasons with the kids wailing away in the Burley to buy daddy a cake mix and a new york steak because it was his birthday yesterday and mommy barely had ANY groceries in the house, not even butter or tortillas and how can we survive without that? Yeah. I sound a little nuts, I know. But today it finally got to me. And as soon as Avery is up from her nap we are OUT OF HERE to do things we haven't been able to do in weeks, glorious things like picking up Zyrtek prescritions and buying Turbo Tax and Chicken Apple Sausages at Costco. Never thought I'd miss that.


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