Time to Get Busy

My mom and I once recovered an old wingback chair that a neighbor was getting rid of for a great price. It was a satisfying project with an impressive outcome, considering the fact that neither of us have ever been officially taught how to upholster something. At the time I chose a Waverly fabric that soon afterwards corresponded with the Waverly patterns Target sold. (It was a rusty red tiny floral for the chair but Target sold the corresponding larger floral fabric in curtain form, then stripes in pillows, etc....) Anyway, one project I'd like to take on this year is to learn how to make a slipcover for the chair that now doesn't quite mix into our black/beige living room. My fabric of choice is actually this "bedspread" bought from Urban Outfitters. (They call it a bedspread but it's definitely just a peice of fabric hemmed on each side).

I also bought this fabric, (again, actually a "bedspread"). Not sure what I'll be doing with it but am thinking curtains for our bedroom. And the coolest of all projects: I was meandering around some blogs I read regularly and came upon this. We got our partners last Friday and the possibility of projects for Melissa's Sam is getting me quite excited.

It did snow today, four beautiful inches! It continues to fall and cover the neighborhood with that safe and muffled magic snow can be. School has been cancelled, so no doubt as far as projects are concerned, I will get pretty far with the snow exploration and the warming up with hot chocolate. It is so beautiful out. Happy winter day everyone!


Robin said…
I love that birdcage bedspread. I'm thinking of making my crib bedding out of it. A good price too for the # of yards you get in one bedspread!

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