Mac and Pie

For anyone who cares about our super snazzy new computer: Mac, it got mailed back to Apple today. We realized that even after hooking it up to an ethernet cable, (initially it was wireless) even after making a few system adjustments, the wait-time on web-browsing took (WAY!!!) too long. Apparently their software is known for being twice as slow with internet stuff. An article my husband found in Wired mag talked about people who replace $400 PC's with new fancy Macs and they sit and wait longer for web pages to load than they did with their cheaper PC. Is this right? Depends on your priorities. My husband felt sick reading the article, but also like he wouldn't have truly believed how slow it was until he actually had it in front of him.

Big sigh. That Mac was probably going to give us a TON of other goodness, but you have to think about what you're going to be using it for. Given that my time on the computer is precious, whatever computer we buy must posses high speed internet prowess or we're going to be let down. When you're shelling out more mulah than normal on an item, you really need to get exactly everything you want.

I didn't have Mac long enough to fall completely in love, but still, the girls and I were having a heck of a time with the photo booth software and the ladybug wallpaper. I still believe in Macs, but feel like we can get what we want with a PC too. I seriously surfed faster on my ole dino.

In a mid afternoon creativity burst, perhaps even in a move of mourning, I made a kickass chocolate cream pie today. If you haven't seen the Pie Pie Pie book pictured above,get a copy. (I found mine at New Seasons). Pie. Just say the word, Pie. It makes everything better.


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