Getting Back in Business

Here's an oldie but a goodie of Jooge and I in my hammock when she was but a week or so old. I'm relying on old photos still but the good news is we just got our camera back from the camera doctor so we can take new ones. The next step will be learning the way to upload them onto our new computer, which by the way, will be staying this time around. It is speedy and amazing and we love it a lot. Having it is a huge quality of life upgrade.

We still seem to be hanging out in Sickville despite all wishes to leave. Jooge was on prednisone last weekend and Avery has walking pneumonia. Yeah. They tell you that and you just feel way too awful. We were joking that she had "dancing pneumonia" because she was boogying around the room as the doctor was leaving. Still, dance moves aside, it's the worst. She's on antibiotics and should turn the corner just about the time we're slated to leave on a weekend getaway just my husband and I. There's definitely hesitation to leave on my part. For all I know the way my husband and I have been coughing away we have it too and will spend our weekend getaway holed up in some fancy motel room hacking up a lung.

I do know this: There is sunshine outside again, sunshine that makes the air smell like earth and hope. Like life. We may be holing up and taking it easy today but that sunshine, the longer days, they are filling my compromised lungs with the kind of breathing that is allowed to expect good things. If only that hammock was still hung and we could all climb aboard for some quality recuperation.


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