Coughing and Footwear

These shoes are rich and I want them.

But onto more important matters: a sick family. Both kids have had colds pretty steadily for the past few weeks. The husband had it bad for a week awhile ago. This week I got hit hard with a mega-cough/congestion/sinus whammo. Now my throat is starting to feel sore. I got no sleep last night because I could NOT stop coughing.

Tonight Julia's coughing so hard it's like she's dying. It is awful. It's sleeping interrupted by coughing interrupted by moaning. I hate watching her suffer like that, feeling totally helpless, yet I feel like I want to sit there and make sure she's going to be okay. I'm starting to freak out thinking that I should have done something, but I don't know what. (Short of taking her to the doc and having them tell me she has a cold). But what if it's pnemonia or something scary? That cough is harsh. I just want all this frickin' freezing cold weather to be done, the good health to be back, for us to be done being cooped up indoors. Spring, we're gearing up for ya, sister. We're endin' winter with a big loud BANG.

And these shoes! Would ya get on my feet already?


Holly said…
Sorry you are all ill! My kids always sleep better when I run the humidifier at night. I also put Vicks on their chests, like my mom used to do for me. Bummer.

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