Crafting Lampshades

At Christmas, knee deep in crafting mania, this hanging light was born. It started as a $1 lamp shade at the Laurelwood neighborhood garage sale which I then embelished with black fabric, finished with brown grossgrain ribbon on top and bottom, and then adorned with calico letter cutouts. I used one of those paper lantern lightbulb fixture/wire combos for the electric innards. It now hangs in Jooge's room and lets out a lot of great light. I was amazed to see this the other day because it totally reminded me of my letters though it was a different purpose for the letters. I may do this next and actually use their template. So cool!


toddderrick said…
Hello Tia! I have to admit, this lampshade screams YOU! More than the lampshade, I can actually see your penmanship in th letters and it made me smile.

I also found your blog again -- it was good to catch up after being unconnected to MommaTia since I relocated back to Seattle. I'm glad to hear that we're past the early 2007 SickFest and enjoying Spring! I hope you're doing so well that you can't even keep track of all of life's wins!

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